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University Of California Admission Essay - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 593 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2018/12/14 Category Mathematics Essay Type Admission Essay Level High school Tags: Student Essay Did you like this example? I have always worked hard in as far as my academic life is concerned. Ever since I entered Thurgood Marshall Academy High School, my aim has been to join the University of California to study statistics; and because I know what it takes for one to get an admission into the said university, I have always furthered my dream in and outside the classroom more especially where the aforementioned course is concerned. My performance in high school has been my motivation; it even convinced my high school heads to make me a leader despite the fact that I am an international student.. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "University Of California Admission Essay" essay for you Create order I am a Chinese Vietnamese, and I speak both languages. Since I was of age when I migrated to San Francisco, I had a lot of difficulties communicating in as far as the English language was concerned. However, this did not discourage me. I developed a habit of making a friend on a daily basis and trying to learn English from them. My struggle to know and hence communicate in English led to take an English college-level class in the summer of 2017 on the verge to improve my English and grammar. Today, I can fluently speak and write in English, and that is one of the reasons why I am writing to request for the admission into this prestigious university. I have also managed to keep a GPA of 3.83, and I am currently waiting for the SAT results. My major is mathematics, and I have followed the spirit too by attending AP Calculus and AP Statistics classes which I knew could quickly help me gain entry into the UC. I qualified to be in the Local Context (ELC) program, and that recognizes an individuals accomplishments in light of the opportunities offered by a particular high school. I was among top the top students in the context, and in a position that can be recognized by UC. As it is known throughout history, UC will always identify the top 9 percent of students based on GPA in UC-approved coursework completed in the 10th and 11th grades. I also qualified for State path and emerged to be in the top 9 percent of California high school graduates. Should an admission index be used, I am sure to fall into the group of those students expected to join UC. Besides studies, I have been working at Old Navy @ Market 4th Street SF for three months since 16 years old. I have also been working at ATT Park @ SF seasonal for more than two decades, selling corndog and beverages at football/ baseball games. I also worked on an election day at SF as the poll worker (clerk) November 4th, 2016 helping with voting. Regarding leadership, I participated for three years in my high school badminton team and was promoted to be the captain in my senior year. My team this spring got a 3rd play award when I was still a captain. I have been a team member since a freshman in high school till junior, and I have always played in every game season every spring from January to June, and then as a captain in my senior level. I also was awarded for being the best player in my team when I was but a junior member. I was the president of the Vietnamese club at my high school in junior years after had been participated in the organization for almost years attended there. These are the very competencies that make me believe that I can do even better, should I be admitted into the UC.

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Helen Keller Being Blind And Deaf - 1589 Words

People take their abilities and lifestyle for granted every day because they have not experienced having very little and being limited in their everyday lives. Many do not know what it is like to lose something or have so little so they do not appreciate the small gifts and opportunities in life that can easily be taken away. â€Å"The things we take for granted, someone else is praying for.† This quote is explains how the food fortunate people eat every day, the clothes bought regularly, and cars people ride in each day, other people yearn for. Helen Keller was not only blind, but also deaf and for a good part of her life, she did not have the luxury of seeing or hearing which is taken for granted. Sometimes many people lose their sight or hearing and after, they realize how grateful they were for having that sense at the time and appreciate their senses more. As a child, Helen struggled to adapt to be being blind and deaf. Due to her handicap, Helen did not have as many of t he opportunities in life that the majority of people do. Living a life of both blindness and deafness is a huge challenge, but Helen Keller is proof that people can overcome the challenges of being blind and deaf and still go on with life accomplishing goals. By learning the Tadoma Method to communicate with other people,by touching lips to feel the vibrations of the speaker, and spelling words in the palm of her hand, Helen has proven that anything is possible. Later in life, she became the first blind andShow MoreRelatedHelen Keller: A True Hero Essay1200 Words   |  5 Pagesovercoming said Helen Keller, a woman who faced many obstacles in her life (Fun). Most people dont dedicate their lives to help others, especially if they have disabilities themselves, but Helen Keller is a different story. At 19 months old, Helen Keller was diagnosed with a disease that led her to be deaf and blind. A true hero is someone who is dedicated to help others in need no matter the circumstances/s truggle he or she faces, never gives up, and is an inspiration for others. Helen Keller is a heroRead More Helen Keller Essay1682 Words   |  7 PagesHelen Keller Imagine a life without being able to see or hear and not knowing how to communicate with anyone around you. That world of darkness is what Helen Keller lived in for six years. Helen Keller has been an inspiration to people ever since she turned six. From 1886-1960, she proved herself to be a creative and inspiring woman of America. She was a writer and lecturer who fought for the rights of disadvantaged people all over the world. Most importantly, she overcame her two mostRead MoreReasons to Admire Helen Keller683 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿Helen Keller The individual I have chosen for this paper is Helen Keller. The reason behind my selection is simple. I admire Helen Keller because she was a unique lady who despite her disability i.e. blindness, rose above those who had the blessing of sight. She was, without a doubt, an exceptional individual who helped others to help themselves. She was a blessing for people around her and gave people at a disadvantage the chance for working towards acquiring prosperity and inner satisfactionRead MoreHelen Keller Essay1053 Words   |  5 PagesHelen Keller is has changed the hearing, the deaf, and the blind culture. She inspired so many people to push beyond their limits and showed that, even the girl everyone called ‘dumb’ can be more than that. Keller was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama in a small town on the Ivy Green Estate. On July 27th 1880, she was a perfectly normal baby, she could hear, and see. Until she was 19 months old she became very sick with a terrible she lost her heari ng and her sight. She was called a ‘wild child’ becauseRead MoreHellen Keller Essay1201 Words   |  5 PagesImagine what it would be like not being able to see or hear and trying to learn and be a kid. Author and speaker Helen Keller, lived her whole life with this struggle when a high fever left her deaf and blind at nineteen months of age. Take a peek into the life, education, and career of Helen Keller. (American Foundation for the Bind) Helen Keller didn’t start out with any problems. She was born a healthy child. Then, at nineteen months old she got a really high fever that could have been ScarletRead MoreMiddle Childhood Phase Of My Life875 Words   |  4 PagesMiddle Childhood Phase As Helen got older, her life obstacles she surpassed were being noticed by others and started to inspire others. She has reached that stage in life where she wanted to be more independent. At this age she started to write in her own and really just started to write papers. The first paper was assumed to be plagiarized. I have to say that this young lady fulfilled some big shoes shoes that I don t know if I could have filled. The middle childhood stages last forRead MoreThe Miracle Worker When pondering on life as not only a blind child but also a deaf child, one700 Words   |  3 Pagesonly a blind child but also a deaf child, one might say perception of the world and life is impossible. In the movie The Miracle Worker, Helen Keller was blind, deaf and mute since she had been a baby. Helen was incapable of communicating to anyone. The question, â€Å"do you think she had an accurate idea of color,† to me, is defined through her inability to know the difference between colors and physical appearance on objects certain colors, for instance the sun being yellow. Because Helen was blind andRead MoreAnne Sullivan: The Teacher of Helen Keller Essay543 Words   |  3 Pagesto the U.S during the Great Famine. Anne was only 8 years old when her mother contracted the virus Tuberculosis, and later died. Her father, being heart broke by Alices death, sent both of his children to live in Tewsbury at an Almshouse. The Almshouse want the best place to live. It was overcrowded and had over 940 people living there at one time. Being chronically underfunded, Anne didnt like living there much, but it was really the only place she knew as home. She had dreamed of getting outRead MoreHelen Keller an Astonishing Soldier in the Battle Against Blindness627 Words   |  3 PagesHelen Keller was born on June 27, 1880, in Tuscumbia, Alabama. She was raised by her mother and father, Arthur Keller and Kate Adams. At a very young age keller was stricken with what they claim to have been either rubella or scarlet fever; as a result, Keller was left deaf and blind. Although, this led to challenges and raised many contradictions as to whether keller would live, but not only live but strive in life this was motivation to Keller. Even with all of the obstacles Helen faced , she wouldRead MoreThe Miracle Worker Essay1291 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"The Miracle Worker† is a story in which a blind-deaf child with the name of Helen Keller learns to see and hear through words. From the story shown in both movie and book, this movie deserves a 4.5 rating for the fact that they show both the struggles of being blind and deaf, and how difficult teaching them is. The book and the movie are also good because they show how a woman known as Annie Sullivan, gets to meet and teach blind and deaf Helen Keller. This movie deserves the 4.5 stars, and everyone

Essay Ine Free Essays

A GRADE ESSAY SKILLS – â€Å"PEAE† BY TOM LAW Email:albusinessteam@yahoo. com. hk A GRADE ESSAY SKILLS- â€Å"PEAE† FOR HKDSE/HKAL BY TOM LAW A GRADE ESSAY SKILLS – â€Å"PEAE† BY TOM LAW Email:albusinessteam@yahoo. We will write a custom essay sample on Essay Ine or any similar topic only for you Order Now com. hk HKAL BAFS MARKS (25) NUMER OF POINTS MARKS (20) NUMER OF POINTS 8+8+9 3+3+3 8+12 3+4 10+15 4+4 20 7 12+13 4+4 25 8 A GRADE ESSAY SKILLS – â€Å"PEAE† BY TOM LAW Email:albusinessteam@yahoo. com. hk EXAMPLE 1 Nowadays franchising is a common way to go into a business. From the perspective of a franchisee, discuss the major benefits and drawbacks of operating a coffee shop under franchise. (25) , (25) EXAMPLE 2 Explain the major characteristics of an effective control system (10) (10) A GRADE ESSAY SKILLS – â€Å"PEAE† BY TOM LAW Email:albusinessteam@yahoo. com. hk EXAMPLE 3 Describe the different aspects to be considered in setting quality control standards for (i) companies in manufacturing industries and (ii) companies in service industries. (13) (i) (ii) (13) EXAMPLE 4 Illustrate with examples the measures that service business in Kong Kong might adopt to manage the quantity of (I) services demanded and (ii) services supplied. 12) , (i) ( ii) (12) A GRADE ESSAY SKILLS – â€Å"PEAE† BY TOM LAW Email:albusinessteam@yahoo. com. hk EXAMPLE 5 A jewelry company is considering the use of financial incentives and job enrichment to enhance the job performance of its (I) sales people (ii) jewelry designers Evaluate the effectiveness of using financial incentives to enhance the job performance of these two types of employees (12) (I) (ii) ? (12) A GRADE ESSAY SKILLS – â€Å"PEAE† BY TOM LAW Email:albusinessteam@yahoo. com. k PEAE LIST/ ? P+E DISCUSS/ P+E+A ELABORATE/? ? P+E+A EXPLAIN/ P+E+A DESCRIBE/ P+E+A ILLUSTRATE WITH EXAMPLES/? P+E+A ANALYSE/ P+E+A+E EVALUATE/? ? P+E+A+E A GRADE ESSAY SKILLS – â€Å"PEAE† BY TOM LAW Email:albusinessteam@yahoo. com. hk PEAE Point Elaboration Application Evaluation A GRADE ESSAY SKILLS – â€Å"PEAE† BY TOM LAW Email:albusinessteam@yahoo. com. hk PEAE P: E: + A: E: ( / ) A GRADE ESSAY SKILLS – â€Å"PEAE† BY TOM LAW Email:albusinessteam@yahoo. com. hk PEAE LIST/ ? P+E DISCUSS/ P+E+A ELABORATE/? ? P+E+A EXPLAIN/ P+E+A DESCRIBE/ P+E+A ILLUSTRATE WITH EXAMPLES/? P+E+A ANALYSE/ P+E+A+E EVALUATE/? ? P+E+A+E A GRADE ESSAY SKILLS – â€Å"PEAE† BY TOM LAW Email:albusinessteam@yahoo. com. hk EXAMPLE 5 A jewelry company is considering the use of financial incentives and job enrichment to enhance the job performance of its (I) sales people (ii) jewelry designers a) Evaluate the effectiveness of using financial incentives to enhance the job performance of these two types of employees (12) (I) (ii) a) (12) †¢ 12 marks= 4 points POINT More effective in enhancing the job performance of sales people / ELABORATION Sales performance is more measurable/ APPLICATION Higher sales figures imply better sales performance/ EVALUATION why not applicable to jewelry designers/ the idea of fashion, dignity or beauty is quite abstract and subjective. There are no standards or guide lines to tell exactly what it should be. A GRADE ESSAY SKILLS – â€Å"PEAE† BY TOM LAW Email:albusinessteam@yahoo. com. hk EXAMPLE 5 A jewelry company is considering the use of financial incentives and job enrichment to enhance the job performance of its (I) sales people (ii) jewelry designers a) Evaluate the effectiveness of using financial incentives to enhance the job performance of these two types of employees (12) (I) (ii) a) (12) The use of financial incentives are more effective in enhancing the job performance of sales people than jewelry designers. For sales people, sales performance is more measurable and therefore easier to link with financial incentives. For example, financial incentives can usually be performed by solely considering the sales figures. Higher sales figures imply better sales performance and financial incentives should be distributed to those who perform well. But for jewelry designers, the job of them is difficult to quantify and therefore difficult to link financial incentives with performance. For example, the idea of fashion, dignity or beauty is quite abstract and subjective. There are no standards or guidelines to tell exactly what should be. Even though the sales figure of the new design is optimistic, it may not be the result of the marvelous design but may be the hard work of salespersons. Numerical data can not fully show the value of work done by the designers. Thus, financial incentive is impractical. , , , , ?, ?, , , ,? , , SAMPLE ESSAY EMAIL: albusinessteam@yahoo. com. hk TOM LAW How to cite Essay Ine, Essay examples

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Kafkas Truth Essays - Diarists, Fabulists, Franz Kafka,

Kafka's Truth Catherine Jones Dr. Shepherd Lit 2020 05 April, 00 Kafka's Truth Despite the intentional ambiguity in his work, Franz Kafka's stories do contain a few common thematic threads. Kafka's search for truth, be it about relationships, justice, religion, or human nature is the one interpretation that most critics agree upon. Wilhelm Emrich, a highly acclaimed professor in Berlin, states that Kafka's writings can only be interpreted by accepting the full truth: ?An assistive and willing readiness for the full truth means the ability to renounce all personal, limited ideas, wishes, and efforts of will and to enter into the fullness of all of that-which-is? (50). What he is suggesting is that in order to truly hear what Kafka has to say, one is required to completely disregard the conventional. For example, if one were to read ?The Metamorphosis,? and merely regurgitate the surface details of the story, they would entirely miss the truth behind it. On the level of relationships, the average reader might be touched by the family's tolerance for the creature, noting that they may not have been able to do the same in a similar situation. He or she may overlook the truth of this story as ?the realization that even the most beautiful, most tender relations among people are founded on illusions? (Emrich, 142). Where was the beloved sister after his presence became burdensome? Did his family not remember his contributions to pay off the debts owed by his father? Of course not, because they became comfortable in their situation and took Gregor for granted. When his family was convinced that no hope remained for his recovery, they moved on with their lives as if Gregor no longer existed. It is difficult to draw from ?The Metamorphosis,? any particular divine theme without first knowing that religion was the whole world to Kafka and that ?he viewed the total sum of possible experience in terms of religion? (Muir, 36). There is a subtle religious inference within Gregor's beetle existence where he seeks the ?way to the unknown nourishment he had been longing for? (Emrich, 145). Is he longing for God, or looking for comfort in His absence? The first meal that Gregor was given consisted of bread and milk. Bread symbolizes that which is sacred in some religions. Catholicism, for example, blesses bread as the body of Christ. In biblical parables, seven loaves were broken to feed a large crowd. When Gregor refused the bread and milk, one might infer that he was rejecting God for putting him in his unthinkable condition. Emrich emphasizes Gregor's possible rejection of faith: ?A modern man in his alienated condition, treated as an insect by his fellows who think only of appearances, frustrated in his longings which he is unable to communicate, swept away?and all the while, an unacknowledged religious victim?(36). Human nature is difficult to describe, especially when one is expected to think outside of ?that-which-appears-to-be? instead of ?that-which-is.? After Gregor realized his metamorphosis, he still attempted to carry out his life as usual, perturbed not because he was a beetle, but because his daily work routine was disrupted. He was ?in a state of unresolved conflict between work and ego? (Emrich, 136), meaning that although he acknowledged his changed condition, though barely, Gregor still believed that it would not hinder his ability to perform his work duties. It seems odd that Gregor, who disliked his job, would not view his metamorphosis as a clear reason to abandon it. Gregor thought to himself on that morning, ?If I didn't have to hold my hand because of my parents I'd have given notice long ago, I'd have gone to the chief and told him exactly what I think of him? (Kafka, 1123). It is when this point arises that Kafka illustrated true human nature: man works out of obligation o r duty, not because he enjoys it. Gregor is trapped in his insect form, just like he was trapped in his job. Self-realization and fear of death are other issues Kafka deals with in ?Metamorphosis.? Gregor ?takes a long, deep look at himself and discovers his fearsome counterpart? (Fickert, 47). The moment that he accepted being a beetle and started living like one, symbolizes the moment Man first

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What Is the Jet Stream and How It Affects Our Weather

What Is the Jet Stream and How It Affects Our Weather Youve probably heard the words jet stream many times while watching weather forecasts on TV. Thats because the jet stream and its location is key to forecasting where weather systems will travel. Without it, there would be nothing to help steer our daily weather from location to location. Rivers of Rapidly Moving Air Named for their similarity to fast moving jets of water, jet streams are bands of strong winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere. Jet streams form at the boundaries of contrasting air masses. When warm and cold air meet, the difference in their air pressures as a result of their temperature differences (recall that warm air is less dense, and cold air, more dense) causes air to flow from higher pressure (the warm air mass) to lower pressure (the cold air mass), thereby creating high winds. Because the differences in temperature, and therefore, pressure, are very large, so too is the strength of the resulting winds. Jet Stream Location, Speed,Direction Jet streams live at the tropopause (about 6 to 9 miles off  the ground) and are several thousand miles long. Jet stream winds range in speed from 120 to 250 mph, but can reach more than 275 mph. Oftentimes, the jet houses pockets of winds that move faster than the surrounding jet stream winds. These jet streaks play an important role in precipitation and storm formation. (If a jet streak is visually divided into fourths, like a pie, its left front and right rear quadrants are the most favorable for precipitation and storm development. If a weak  low pressure area  passes through either of these locations, it will quickly strengthen into a dangerous storm.) Jet  winds blow from west to east, but also meander north to south in a wave-shaped pattern. These waves and large ripples (known as planetary, or Rossby waves) form U-shaped troughs of low pressure that allow cold air to spill southwards, and upside-down U-shaped ridges of high pressure that bring warm air northwards.  Ã‚   Discovered by Weather Balloons One of the first names associated with the jet stream is Wasaburo Oishi. A Japanese meteorologist, Oishi discovered the jet stream in the 1920s while using weather balloons to track upper level winds near Mount Fuji. However, his work went unnoticed outside of Japan. In 1933, knowledge of the jet stream increased when American aviator Wiley Post began exploring long-distance, high-altitude flight. Despite these discoveries, the term jet stream was not coined until 1939 by German meteorologist Heinrich Seilkopf. Meet the Polar and Subtropical Jets While we typically talk about the jet stream as if there was only one, there are actually two: a polar jet stream and a subtropical jet stream. The Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere each have both a polar and a subtropical branch of the jet. The Polar Jet:  In North America, the polar jet is more commonly known as the jet or the mid-latitude jet (so-called because it occurs over the mid-latitudes).The Subtropical Jet:  The subtropical jet is named for its existence at 30 °N and 30 °S latitude- a climate zone known as the subtropics. It forms at the boundary temperature difference between air at mid-latitudes and warmer air near the equator. Unlike the polar jet, the subtropical jet is only present in the wintertime- the only time of year when temperature contrasts in the subtropics are strong enough to form jet winds. The subtropical jet is generally weaker than the polar jet. It is most pronounced over the western Pacific. Jet Position Changes With the Seasons Jet streams change position, location, and strength depending on the season. In the winter, areas in the Northern Hemisphere may get colder than normal periods as the jet stream dips lower bringing cold air in from the polar regions. Although the height of the jet stream is typically 20,000 feet or more, the influences on weather patterns can be substantial as well. High wind speeds can drive and direct storms creating devastating droughts and floods. A shift in the jet stream is a suspect in the causes of the Dust Bowl. In spring, the polar jet starts to journey north from its winter position along the lower third of the U.S., back to its permanent home at 50-60 °N latitude (over Canada). As the jet gradually lifts northward, highs and lows are steered along its path and across the regions where its currently positioned. Why does the jet stream move? Well, jet streams follow the Sun, Earths primary source of heat energy. Recall that in spring in the Northern Hemisphere, the Suns vertical rays go from striking the Tropic of Capricorn (23.5 ° south latitude) to striking more northerly latitudes (until it reaches the Tropic of Cancer, 23.5 ° north latitude, on the summer solstice). As these northerly latitudes warm, the jet stream, which occurs near boundaries of cold and warm air masses, must also shift northward to remain at the opposing edge of warm and cool air. Locating Jets on Weather Maps On surface maps: Many news and media that broadcast weather forecasts show the jet stream as a moving band of arrows across the U.S., but  the jet stream isnt a standard feature of surface analysis maps. Heres an easy way to eyeball the jet position: since it steers high and low pressure systems, simply note where these are located and draw a continuous curved line in-between them, taking care to arch your line over highs and underneath lows. On upper level maps: The jet stream lives at heights of 30,000 to 40,000 feet above Earths surface. At these altitudes, atmospheric pressure equals around 200 to 300 mb; this is why the 200 and 300 mb level upper air charts are typically used for jet stream forecasting. When looking at other upper level maps, the jet position can be guessed by noting where pressure or wind contours are spaced close together.

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Chemical Composition of Vinegar

Chemical Composition of Vinegar Vinegar is a liquid that is produced from the fermentation of ethanol into acetic acid. The fermentation is carried out by bacteria. Vinegar consists of acetic acid (CH3COOH), water and trace amounts of other chemicals, which may include flavorings. The concentration of the acetic acid is variable. Distilled vinegar contains 5-8% acetic acid. Spirit of vinegar is a stronger form of vinegar that contains 5-20% acetic acid. Flavorings may include sweeteners, such as sugar or fruit juices. Infusions of herbs, spices and other flavors may be added, too. Vinegar is made from a variety of source materials. Each contributes its own unique flavor signature to the final product. Vinegar may be made from sugar cane juice, rice and other grains, grapes (balsamic vinegar), coconut water, fruit wines, kombucha, or apple cider. Spirit vinegar is a strong variety of vinegar (5% to 21% acetic acid) made from sugar cane and doubly fermented. The first fermentation changes sugar into alcohol, while the second fermentation changes alcohol into acetic acid. Sources Bourgeois, Jacques; Barja, Franà §ois (December 2009). The history of vinegar and of its acetification systems. Archives des Sciences. 62 (2): 147–160.Cerezo, Ana B.; Tesfaye, Wendu; Torija, M. Jesà ºs; Mateo, Està ­baliz; Garcà ­a-Parrilla, M. Carmen; Troncoso, Ana M. (2008). The phenolic composition of red wine vinegar produced in barrels made from different woods. Food Chemistry. 109 (3): 606–615. doi:10.1016/j.foodchem.2008.01.013Nakayama, T. (1959). Studies on acetic acid-bacteria I. Biochemical studies on ethanol oxidation. J Biochem. 46 (9): 1217–25.

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Creating shared valued Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Creating shared valued - Essay Example It is a shame that the responsibility of improving the social, economic problems has fallen on to the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). As companies are sole concentrating on profit maximization, these organizations are getting involved in activities that elevate the social, economic activities of the society. Because companies have failed to take up worthy causes, it has prompted the government to implement policies that force these companies to take up proactive measures to support the society. The government`s actions cause friction between them and the companies, who accuse the government of interfering with their activities. The best method to approach this problem lies in the principle of shared value. It entails the creation of economic value, which in turn addresses the society`s needs and challenges. It is good to remember that shared value is not a form of social responsibility, but a new and innovative way to bring success back to the society. When a society`s needs and challenges are addressed, the society can now fully focus on more productive ways to improve on their economic positions. It gives rise to the next major transformation in business